Certificate Program on BlockChain Application and Coding
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  • Certificate Program on Blockchain Application and Coding (In association with DLT Labs, Canada)

Classroom Course


Basic Info           : Course on Blockchain Level                   : Advance Commitment     : 18 hours of study, 3 Days, 6 sessions of 3 hours Language           : English How To Pass       : Attend all sessions and complete all assignments to pass the course

What Will I Learn

At the end of this course you will:
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Get Experiential knowledge of Blockchain coding
  • Understand the key aspects of Cryptocurrency Market
  • Gain actionable knowledge of Ethereum based Blockchain, Solidity & Truffle Framework
  • Apply Blockchain enabled solution to real time use cases



  • Introduction to blockchain
  • Hash Function
  • Blockchain data structure
  • Private & Public Key
  • Ether & Gas
  • Merkle Tree
  • Mining
  • Introduction to Geth. Clone & Compile Geth
  • Create & initialize Geth and Start Geth
  • Create Account, Start & Stop Mining & Private Key File
  • Store Contract in a variable, compile the contract & view the compile code
  • ABI definition & Create object for contract deployment
  • Create & execute transaction to deploy the contract
  • View transaction before and after mining
  • Call function using instance
  • Call function using send Transaction
  • Writing your first Smart Contract
  • Create function inside Smart Contract
  • Deploy Smart Contract
  • Call Function
  • Data Location
  • State Variables & Control Structure
  • Structure
  • Enums & Events
  • Constructor Function
  • Modifier Function
  • Handling Ether in Solidity
  • Introduction to Truffle
  • Installing Truffle
  • Truffle data Structure
  • Compiling, building & Migrating contracts using Truffle
  • Create connection between JS module and smart contract


Interactive Sessions

Session-specific Assignments

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