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Certificate Program on BlockChain Application and Coding

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Course Name : Blockchain For Professional Developers

Objective: After taking this course you will be able to: write your own contract and implement various use cases. A complete understanding of Blockchain would be achieved after taking this course.
Key Highlight :Internet is entering second era that's Blockchain- the internet of Value, a new platform to reshape the world of business.

Section 1 (Day 1) – Key Concepts To understand Blockchain
1.     Introduction to blockchain
2.     Hash Function
3.     Blockchain data structure
4.     Merkle Tree
5.     Private & Public Key
6.     Ether & Gas
7.     Mining
Section 2 (day 1 & day 2) – Ethereum Blockchain – Geth (Go Implementation of Ethereum)
1.     Introduction to Geth. Clone & Compile Geth
2.     Create & initialize Geth and Start Geth
3.     Create Account, Start & Stop Mining & Private Key File
4.     Store Contract in a variable, compile the contract & view the compile code
5.     ABI definition & Create object for contract deployment
6.     Create & execute transaction to deploy the contract
7.     View transaction before and after mining
8.     Call function using instance
9.     Call function using .sendTransaction.
Section 3 (Day 2 &b Day 3) – Solidity
1.     Intro to Smart Contract
a.     Writing your first Smart Contract
b.     Create function inside Smart Contract
c.     Deploy Smart Contract
d.     Call Function

2.     State Variables & Control Structure
a.     Comment a statement
b.     Boolean Variables
c.     Integer Variables
d.     Float Variables
e.     Fixed Size Byte
f.      String
g.     Address Variables
h.     Function returning multiple value
i.      If, Else, While, Do, For, Break, Continue, Return

3.     Data Location
a.     Storage
b.     Memory
c.     Call Data
4.     Structure
5.     Enums & Events
6.     Constructor Function
7.     Modifier Function

8.     Handling Ether in Solidity
a.     Keyword Payable
b.     Check Ether balance
c.     Keyword this
d.     Transfer Ether to Contract
e.     Transfer Ether from Contract
f.      Difference between .send & .transfer

9.     Internal & External Functions 
10.  Inheritance
11.  Visibility & Getter function
Section 4 (Day 3) – Truffle
1.     Introduction to Truffle
2.     Installing Truffle
3.     Truffle data Structure
4.     Compiling, building & Migrating contracts using Truffle.
5.     Create a connection between JS module and smart contract.
Who should attend     : Architects & Programmers who have basic knowledge of OOPs concept, Java, C, C++, Linux etc...
Program Date                : 30th June 2018 to 2nd July 2018

Duration & Timing      : 3 Days 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Fees                                     : Rs.17,700/- (Inclusive of GST)

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