Basic program on Financial Planning and Wealth Management
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Financial Planning and Wealth Management: How to be smart with your money

Objectives: “You work hard for your money. But does your money work equally hard for you?”

The objective of this One day program is to teach you to “How to be smart with your money”

Also to ensure that participants gain a basic understanding about Financial Planning and its various components viz Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning & Retirement Planning.

  • Have you been miss-sold high cost insurance policies in the past?
  • Does your Distributor / advisor always offers you a new Mutual Fund product (MF New Fund Offer) whenever a new fund comes into the market?
  • Are you advised to invest in complex products like Structured Products / Real Estate products / Capital Guarantee products without fully understanding the mechanism how these products work?
  • Does your bank / distributor keeps pushing you some or other new product as soon as it hits into the market on the pretext of making you deliver super normal returns in the short term.


Financial Planning

  • A common man’s concern
  • Financial Planning Process
  • Why Financial Planning?
  • Best Practices

Components of Financial Planning?

> Insurance Planning

  • What is insurance?
  • Why Life Insurance is must?
  • Origin and types of Insurance
  • Special discussion on ULIPs and Term Plans
  • 10 Commandments of Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance

>Investment Planning

  • 10 Basic Tenets of Investments Planning
  • Comparison of all Possible Asset classes & allocation
  • Return comparison over a period of time from different asset classes and investment options (Gold, bonds, Equity, FD, and Insurance etc.)
  • 30 yrs. Return of Sensex
  • Mutual Funds as Investment Vehicle
  • Special focus on SIP, STP, and SWP
  • NFOs – Good or Bad?
  • How you should be beware of miss-selling in these products

>Retirement Planning

  • Why Retirement Planning?
  • Understanding financial goals and needs

>Tax Planning

  • Taxation impact on different investment options such as equity, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Gold, and Debt etc.
  • Relevant sections and provisions in law
  • Discussion on Section 80C
  • Direct Tax Code (DTC)

>Estate Planning

  • What is Estate? Who needs Estate Planning?
  • Transferring assets during life time
  • Transferring assets post death – e.g. nominations, will etc.
  • Creating Trusts

>Discussion & Preparation of Comprehensive Financial Plan

Target Audience: Long term Retail / High-Net worth Individual Investors, Students, Housewives, Businessman & Salaried Professionals (special emphasis)

Duration & Timing: 1 Full day (10.00 am to 5.30 pm)

Fees: Rs. 5162/- (Inclusive of GST)

Date: 11 February 2018 Onwards

Location: Mumbai