Certificate Program on Anti money Laundering (AML)
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  • Certificate Program on Anti money Laundering

Classroom Course


Basic Info           : Course on Anti Money Laundering Level                   : Advance Commitment     : 12 hours of study, 2 Days Language           : English Scheduled Date   :

What Will I Learn

At the end of this course you will:
  • Understand your legal and regulatory obligations
  • Acquire a knowledge of the MLRO/NO role in practice
  • Gain essential perspective on the broader agenda of financial crime
  • Understand how to put in place a risk-based customer due diligence regime
  • Identify where risk-based requirements end and mandatory requirements begin
  • Explore the challenge of managing the whole AML/CTF process



  • Introduction to Money Laundering
  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002
  • Global Phenomenon, Tainted Money or Dirty Money, Washing of “Dirty” Money
  • Money Laundering – Case Studies
  • 3 Stages of Money Laundering
  • Study on Hawala case
  • Process of Money Laundering
  • Methods used for Money Laundering
  • Role of Technology
  • Sources of Tainted Money
  • Effects of Money Laundering
  • Nokia AML Case
  • Voda AML Case
  • Sharda AML Case
  • Mehta AML Case
  • Parikh AML Case
  • Legislations against Money Laundering
  • Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
  • Anti-Money Laundering Measures in India
  • RBI Guidelines regarding AML
  • Technology in AML Measures
  • Money Laundering Avoidance Software
  • Elements of Client Due Diligence
  • Client Acceptance Policies
  • Client Identification Procedures
  • Identification of Beneficial Ownership
  • Clients of Special Categories
  • Risk Based Approach
  • Periodic Review of KYC data
  • Customer Profiling
  • Opening Closure/ Monitoring of Accounts
  • Suggested Safeguards
  • Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Smart Cards/Gift Cards
  • ‘At Par’ Cheque Facility
  • Cash Transaction Reporting (CTR)
  • Counterfeit Currency Reporting (CCR)
  • Suspicious Transaction Report (STR)
  • Non-Profit Organization Transaction Reports (NTRs)
  • Approach of Banks for Monitoring of Transactions
  • Essentials of Transaction Monitoring process
  • Transaction Level Monitoring and ongoing due diligence
  • Methods of Monitoring
  • Suspicious Transaction Monitoring and Reporting
  • Name Screening
  • Transaction records
  • Records of identification procedures
  • Authorized deposit-taking accounts
  • AML/CTF programs
  • Correspondent banking
  • Remittance registration
  • PMLA Act & Anti Money Laundering Standards
  • Client Due Diligence
  • Client of special category
  • Obligations of security market intermediaries under Prevention Of Money Laundering Act, 2002


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