Learn Online how to read a Balance Sheet

Learn how to read a Balance Sheet

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Learn how to read a Balance Sheet

Learn how to read Balance sheet and make key inferences about an organization before you invest in them. Our new course will help you understand balance sheet and read it efficiently.

What will I learn?

  • Reading a balance sheet
  • Difference between assets and liabilities of a company
  • Understand the financial position of any company


  • No Prior knowledge is necessary


Balance sheets tell the investors about what a company earns, own and owes. It is one of the most important documents a person should read before investing in a company. This course will help you read the balance sheet and make better investing decisions after going through the balance sheet of a company.

This course will help you to:

  • Gain insights into a company before investing
  • Read about a company’s assets, liabilities and equity
  • Make informed investing choices

You will learn about the relationship between assets, liabilities and equity, and their different types. This knowledge will enable you to increase your profits in the market.

Who is the target audience?

This course is designed for people who are looking to enter the market or who have been trading but with little success. It will help you to increase your understanding of what and where to invest.


  1. Balance sheet elements and classification
  2. Assets and Liabilities
  3. Stockholder’s Equity
  4. Analyze with Ratios

Faculty Name

Mr. Sanjiv Dandona

Course Duration
6 hours. 2hour/day
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